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Get ready to step up your sneaker game because Le TIGRE and DSW have joined forces to unveil an exclusive collection that's bound to turn heads. These one-of-a-kind kicks offer fashion-forward individuals a chance to walk in style and comfort like never before

Original Since 1977

Step into the wild side with Le TIGRE sneakers, a tribute to our retro roots and the vibrant 1977 NYC scene. Feel the city's heartbeat in every pair.

Discover our Midtown platform for those who stand tall. For local concerts or flea adventures, try the Tompkins court sneaker.

Stay unstoppable with our running sneakers like Bowery and Loughlin, rooted in history and community. And for retro lovers, the Baxter is your casual go-to.

Your turf, your style. Le TIGRE delivers timeless cool with retro-inspired sneakers.